The Weekend Get-Away

Before Sarah and I left to go on our anniversary get-away, I did weigh in and discovered that I had lost one -point-six-pounds since my last two-week weigh in. I’m currently sitting at 307.1 pounds. While that doesn’t seem like a huge difference, at least it’s a loss, and if we take my weigh-in at the doctor’s, that would be about a three pound difference… but hey, who’s counting.

While we were spending our weekend in Kernville, I was noticing the housing market, and the businesses for rent. It got me to thinking of things that I could try and get into. Videography is only one of the things I was thinking about possibly trying to get going up there. I love the area, and the water at Lake Isabella is beautiful. That’s what a lot of our discussion was about. There are ideas, that we need to research out before making decisions or any announcements, but it was exciting to get the ideas flowing. I do also know that I think I want to write and film a movie involving the area.

This was an adventurous weekend. I got my ten thousand steps in all three days we were there. Having been up there because of a close friend many times, it was nice to actually explore and try out restaurants and diners that we hadn’t tried before. The whole time we were thinking about how our foodie of a son would like those places. Good food, just a bit too greasy in some aspects, but the breakfast asada tacos where amazing on Sunday.

This last weekend’s get away was exactly what I needed. To be honest, I haven’t been very motivated for anything lately, and this was the perfect reset button that I needed. Sarah needed it as well. It’s beautiful when all you have to do is be in the presence of the person who has your heart. I don’t think I spoke so much, but looked at her. She’s amazing, she puts up with me, and she actually loves me. Who could believe such a thing like that existed?

I think the best part of the weekend was after our first long day, we binged watched the Netflix series Glow. I mean, I loved the first season, but I just couldn’t stop watching season two. I love the eighties feel, and the story behind the scenes for the all-female wrestling promotion. It was very entertaining, and brought up some subjects that are valid by today’s standards. Alison Brie, is just so much fun to watch.

I know that I’m everywhere tonight, but the weekend was great, and now I’m back to being able to focus on the present, and get things moving again. Well, I think that’s about it for now. This is the director, and that’s a wrap.

February’s Almost Over!?!

What a month this has been… Now I’m preparing for a busy March, as I have graduation, a Vegas trip, and Wonder Con, all within a few week period. This is right after I have my three month check up for my weight loss journey.

This was the four days with the weekend, which started Thursday after work. I averaged over 10k steps all for days. It’s nice to see that also on average I was burning around 700 plus calories. So far for the first days of the work week, I haven’t even come close, but as I get more time during the weekend, I’ll push those numbers up a bit.

Let’s get into how my up coming weeks are looking as well. This week, I should be doing a bit of freelance work, I’m looking forward to getting the experience from that, as I really like my client because he has a personality on him.

Next week though is where everything gets interesting, as in I’m going to Los Angeles to finally walk on the campus of the school I’d been going too for the last three years. I have to pick up my cap and gown, plus get the tickets for the ceremony for the week after that. Then we’ll do lunch with my parents and kids, before heading out to Las Vegas for an adult weekend. With a return to work on Monday morning, just so we can leave on Thursday with the kids for Wonder Con, and a weekend of geeking out, plus I’m still getting my Geekultural Experience going.

This year really has started out great, and it just keeps getting better, even if we’ve had a few hiccups here and there. I think the further I go into this week, the better things are going to get. I’ve gotten heads up on something that’s exciting, but that’ll have to wait for another blog…

I also put in for my annual physical, which if truth be told, I totally avoided last year as it was. On the plus side, my results will be way better than the last one I had. I’m not going to complain. I think it’ll be done quickly, but it’s also going to fill up my already busy schedule. At least I can do it on a day off. One of the things I’ve always hated was fasting for a blood test, though it’s not going to be a problem this time. Since I did lose two-thirds of my stomach.

The other thing  I realize more everyday, is that I really need to have better time management skills. It seems like my walking and exercising has taken up most of my concentration, and I’ve got about a thousand other things that I’m trying to get done at the same time. I think I’m going to dedicate Wednesday’s the day that I spend on my writing. That would give me something to get those scripts worked on going. So much to get done, and it never seems like enough time to get it completed.

Saturday, I’ll have an update on my weight loss journey, and with that, this is the director, and that’s a wrap.

Twelfth Night Out

I said that I was going to blog this every night, and I just filmed my first video for this project(it will be up tomorrow). So let me get into the details for the first day.

So I was supposed to start my all solid liquid diet yesterday when I got the call, but since I had already ate most of my food by the time I got the phone call, I decided to have a last night of enjoying the food that I won’t be able too anymore. I don’t have any regrets, and I didn’t over do anything, so I think that I’m good.

So today started my first day with the diet, and I must say that I’ve handled it quite well so far.  I’ve been doing the whey protein shakes for about two weeks now, and so that wasn’t too bad. I went to work and had a Powerade Zero, I don’t care what anybody else says, anything that is zero calories and/or sugar-free is nasty tasting. Usually, a drink can be done within a ten minutes, but this took me several hours to get through.

My food that I had at work was a lemon yogurt, and a creamy tomato soup. So, I made it through work without any complaints. I hope this is my way of saying that I’m ready for this adventure. I came home and took a nap, because work did kick my ass today. I slept about a hour and a half.

When I got up, I had Butter Nut Squash soup, and some almond milk a bit later. So all in all, not bad for a first day. I’m hoping that I can keep this up.

The down side is that I’m not allowed caffeine for the next two months. So, shit is about to get real. There are some adjustments, but I think I might be more in my head than anything else. That’s it for tonight. This is the director and that’s a wrap.


On The 13th Day.

So, while I was at work today, I got a phone call from West Medical, and  I got the news that I’m going to have the Gastric Sleeve. I was excited to hear that, but then I heard the date, December 11th. It’s way sooner than I expected, and I got nauseous right afterward. I thought that I would have a bit more time to get in the mindset that I need, but like most things in life, I have to be thrown into the situation and adapt as I go.

This is a decision that I don’t take lightly. I had to do some soul searching, and had to get my research down, and this was something I had been toying with for over a year now. I know that life is going to change, and I know that my tastes might change as well. Being a foodie, this was one of the hardest decisions that I’ve ever had to make. Now, I realize that I can no longer make food be my comfort in life. This is good.

The hardest part is that for the next two months, I will be on a liquid diet. I’m probably going to be grumpy, and once I have the surgery, I’ll be in lots of pain, but this must be done. I also know that life will suck for the next several months as well. This is the journey I must take to get myself on the healthy path. As I have seen that I have friends and family who’ve shown support, I’ve had just as many express concern. I appreciate both sides of that isle. It show’s the love and support that I do have in this life. I’m loved far more than I feel that I deserve, and I say thank you too all the opinions.

This is the path that I feel is best. Much like my decision to go to film school, I had people tell me that I should find something to get a “practical” job. I found a way to do something I love and have a passion for, while still using the degree for something “practical”.  With all the well wishes and concerns, in my experience, I’ve discovered that only your own person truly knows what’s right for you, as I have for myself.

This is the director, and that’s a wrap.