Life’s Too Short

Today, I found out that someone I have known for a few years passed away unexpectedly. We weren’t close, but we were cordial with each other, and I had just seen this individual on Wednesday. As of this morning, he’s no longer with us. It makes me think about how short life really is. I think about how we should live life to the best of our ability, and appreciate the positive things in life. We should also not dwell on the negativity that is put out there.

This is why I do what I do. I’ve been beaten down by negative comments and energies. I’ve felt like there wasn’t anyone to turn too, or any way out of a bad situation. Once I realized that life can offer more then I was giving credit for, things began to turn around.  We never know what the next day can bring for us, but I choose to face the day as best as I can and be grateful for the gifts that I’ve been given. I have a wonderful wife, and three of the greatest kids anyone can ask for.

That’s not to say that I don’t have my days that I wonder if it’s really all worth it, but everyone can have a bad day. Life’s a roller coaster that strange events can be thrown like a curve ball. Again, I choose to step up to bat and embrace the challenges ahead.

I’ve been making strides forward with my weight loss journey, and I’ll be weighing in this Friday for the updated results. This is defiantly a change from where I was three years ago, when I didn’t really care if I died. I almost embraced the idea, but I want to live. I want to celebrate life and the people who happen to be involved with it. I feel fortunate in the people that I’ve connected with over the last few years, especially.

I’m a member of the Society of Creative Anachronisms,  and I was welcomed in by my friend and fellow geek Kim. It was this introduction to medieval re-enactment that I’ve forged some strong bonds with a great group of people. I may not always agree with them, but there is a family that’s there to support each other.

I’m also a co-creator and member of The Geeks of the IWV. This was created in dedication to my friends after they had lost their oldest child. It was a way to help with the grieving process, but it’s opened so many other doors for me as a person, as I hope that it has my co-creator. I’ve learned so much about being able to bound with people over geeky pop culture subjects, and have been able to share incredible experiences, with the group of people that supports over 95 people.

As with this blog, these groups, and my brands, there’s so much that I’ve learned about myself over the last few years in particular. One, I have a passion to learn new things. While that doesn’t seem too far out there, it’s thought provoking for me to realize that I don’t ever want to stop learning, and growing. New experiences are the best.

Two, when set out to create something, I prefer to have someone to create something with. I find that I can put people’s talents to the most potential to get something done. This not only goes towards, the geeks, but we’ve had a great time with Luckey Bom Films, as well.

Three, I really do like to help others in need. Being a support for other people and their problems, or situations, has given me a different perspective in life. Sometimes, just the offer for help seems to be enough, yet there are times that I feel that I don’t ever do enough as it is. All anybody can do is try.

If these blogs have tried to show anybody something, is that I’m using my experience to try and help guild people towards something better. I know that people have troubles asking for help, and I want to help. I want to be able to motivate people to do something to help them with their struggles. I hope that you find this enlightening, and if you feel the need to talk, just reach out, I’m here. I’ll do my best to be there to listen.

This is the director, and that’s a wrap.


I am an active member in the Society of Creative Anachronisms, and I’ve been “playing” with my family in the middle ages for the last three years.  Due to my situation in life at this time, I haven’t been as dedicated to certain aspects of it as I did in the beginning.  Being busy with school mostly, has put many aspects of my life on the back burner, but has I near graduation, I’m trying to add parts of those aspects back in little by little.

While I still do local events in our barony of Naevehjem,  I’ve always been one to help set up tents and assist where I can to get the day’s activities going.  Besides our March Melee, Baronial Barbecue, and our anniversary Frost Dragon,  our first out of town event was Great Western War of 2015.  I enjoyed seeing the various people in their garb, and going out to the fields to watch the mock battles that take place.  The best part is seeing the fellowship and great bonds that are formed over this little hobby.

When we joined, my wife ended up becoming the Youth Point officer and has done a tremendous job within the SCA.  I started out as a field herald, as I like to talk in front of people.  I enjoyed this for a while but wanted to turn my attention to other things.  One of those things was the baronial web right.  That means that I would be in charge of the online portion of running the barony for the kingdom of Caid(Ki-eed).  I took the position as something that I wanted to learn and add to my marketable skill set.  I’ve been slowly doing so, and I will hope to get the update completed soon.

My wife’s gained a reputation as youth officer, and last year she was asked to do Youth Point for our neighboring Barony Dun Or,  so that was the second official Kingdom out of town event we started going too.  She’s now done the job twice for them.  This year we took our travels and went to Collegium.  Yesterday was fun, with the classes we decided to take, and she had a class to teach as well.  We were introduced to the art of rapier, also known as fencing.  We enjoyed taking that class together, and then I had gone off with her to watch her teach her class about bringing special needs children to events.  While the class had just a few people from our barony,  I was proud that she went through the process of teaching a class.  This is a big step from when we first got married and she was shy around people.

After her class, we went to a youth class about a newer program to get youth and families to participate together.  She sat down with the teacher who had been our kingdom youth officer at one time, and I was looking over the program, and talking to the teacher’s wife.  They are good people, and the conversation was nice.  After looking at this program,  I want to help teach and learn with my own kids about this stuff, and I think we’ll get a good amount of bonding time with in our family and our SCA family while learning to better our hobby.

I want to go back and take more classes next year, and I was glad to be able to end the day with a good dinner with our friends from the barony and also have our baron and baroness partake in good food and conversation with us.