Phase Two: The Prep

This has been an eventful week. The things that I’ve been doing are working on getting the production company going with a meeting that happened yesterday. I also have done my first week of personal training, with four out of six days with over 10k steps so far. Plus I got cleared to return to full duty. So, allow me to break this up into organized sections, as I fill you in about the week.

The biggest part about my week is that I’ve been pushing myself more physically through my workouts, and my walking. Yes, I’ve been sore, yes it kind of sucked by the time that Thursday hit, and I wasn’t moving very well, and no, I don’t wanna quit. I’ve been physical with other things as well, as I helped some friends a little with a wind turnt horse corral. We moved a little bit, because it was going to take more people to get the whole thing done, but I helped as I could. The problem there is I never feel like I did enough.

The I did almost 11k steps today, and I was working on what is going to be our studio. The sweeping and tearing down of the walls so that we can fix the issues at hand and rebuild. I actually felt more accomplished, I just wish that I did more. I know that there wasn’t much more I could really do, but I have a work horse mentality when it comes to these things(I’m the same way when working on movies, and other projects as well).

Now we’ll carry on to the Luckey Bom Film part of the blog. I’ve been fortunate to be able to multi-task and set up the first production meeting of the year. So, the question is: How do we move forward? Well, we are going to be adding people to the team. Which means that the machine is getting bigger, and we need to learn to make the bigger machine run smoother.

So, this brings up another point: How do we make the machine run smoother? Well, with only one real project under our belt, we need to start bringing out more content. That was what the meeting was about yesterday- to start expanding the team, and start producing more content. We’re well on our way to getting the next project, which will be a short, started, and I look forward to getting the filming started. Filming shorts are going the way that we become a far more well oiled machine, and will be the best way to produce an amount of content at a rather quick pace, in comparison to a feature length film. This is a great way for the creative team to work on more things, and exercise the creative muscles.

While yesterday was Friday the thirteenth, it’s funny that most people seem to find it a day of bad luck. I find it a silly superstition, because the day’s always seemed to work opposite for me. I got married on a Friday the thirteenth, I got my real estate license on that day in 2005. The most recent being that I was called for a job interview that I had to turn down, because they weren’t willing to do a Skype interview, and the job was half way across the country.

I’m going to take that as a sign that things are really going to be taking off for what I’ve been working towards soon. I’ve been staying positive, and I’ve been trying not to waver from that positivity and patience, because I know the reward is going to pay-off in the end. This journey has been in the making for at least four years. Seven if I really think of when I was wanting to go into the career field that I was interested in, even before my meltdown.

Again, things are moving forward, and I can’t be more excited. I’ll be weighing in on Friday, as I’ll be at an event out of town next weekend, so there will be an update there. As always, this is the Director, and that’s a wrap!

Can’t Stop This Feeling

As I head into the fourth week since my operation, things seem to finally feel different…in a better way. I’m starting to feel like I have more energy, and I have way more motivation to do things. I even find myself standing up for periods of time, even while watching television. I’m vastly looking forward to getting my four week checkup next Tuesday.

So, 2018 is the year that I get motivated(even more)to get all the projects done. While I’ve been on leave from work, I’ve gotten some stuff done(graduation stuff, job searching, etc.) and my film projects, are slowly taking off, but I’m also working on some behind the scene things. The CK Project has been the biggest thing that I’ve been working on since Nash Gray, i.e the blogs, pics on Instagram I just haven’t filmed anything really about it since my ten days out before my surgery.

Speaking of my weight loss journey, I haven’t weighted myself since, my last weigh in, however I’m starting to look thinner, my clothes are getting so much bigger that, I’ve started buying smaller clothes. I swim in my five x shirts, and I’m wondering how my work clothes are going to fit, when I go back to work in a couple of weeks. I’m looking better, and I’m feeling better, and that’s the important part of the journey.

I think the better trade off is the fact that I got motivated to do the Gastric Sleeve. Not because it’s an easier way to lose weight, that’s total bullshit. You still have to be careful with what you eat, and how you eat. The toll this process has physical and psychological ramifications to it as well. I’ve read on my Facebook sleeve support group that some people regret the surgery. Most have seemed happy with it, but there are those who do regret the process.

I had those moments, and I also understand that going through this process can leave a feeling of self loss. Look at how much food defines who we are as people. Watching Football generally has food(BBQ, snacks). Hanging out at social events generally take place as a bar or restaurants. This can have people like myself feel at a loss. Even to a point of feeling alienated. Food is a huge part of most people’s lives, and that’s very true for me.

I’m adjusting to food not being apart of my life anymore. I was in love with it forever. I loved the smell, I loved the taste, I loved the camaraderie that came from sharing a meal with friends. This isn’t something I’ve yet experienced with anyone, as I’ve not done a meal with too many friends yet, but I know that it’s coming.

The bigger question is how are things going to be when I do return to work. It’ll put me back on a schedule, and put me back into normalcy, with is the real test, because work’s the one thing that makes my week feel normal. Will the ten hour days feel easier on my body as I’m lighter? Will I be craving the in between snacks that help me get through my day? There’s things that I still have these kinds of questions for, and that’s because this is a new experience for me.

I’m going to get somethings taken care of for the day, so this is the director and that’s a wrap.