I’ve been looking at different jobs in the entertainment industry, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the things I’m working towards doing are going to help me gain the experience that I need to help me continue towards my future profession. Entertaining people has been a passion of mine since I was younger.  It started with me cracking jokes to help cheer my friends up.

I’ve been looking forward to getting a few of the podcasts projects off the ground.  I’ve been fascinated with the idea of doing a radio since I started listening to Mark and Brian, and I would love to bring out my thoughts on various subjects ranging from geek culture to politics. I even have ideas for a NSFW podcast that would allow me to discuss more adult content, and bring out my full force, uncensored, sense of humor.

As I move forward towards the end of school, I know that I’m going to be working on gaining a whole new level of experience.  Yes, I am starting my own production company, and yes, I would love to work with others.  As a person, I’ve learned that networking is key. I’ve been doing that for the last couple of years, and I think that it’s helped give me a chance to have better relationships with the people that I’ve gone on to network with.

Going through some life changing events of the last several years, I’ve grown quite a bit. I think that I’ve gotten my ego out of the way of my personal growth.  I used to think that I was going to do whatever it was to make it on my own, and I would let things get in my way of trying to succeed.  I’m now being a more positive person, not for anyone specifically, but myself.  Those who might benefit from the energy that I try to emit, I’m always glad that it helps.  Life it too short to dwell over the negative things, and we all need to enjoy life.

I just felt like I had to put something down tonight.


So, Sarah and I took our friend Alisa with us to a SCA event down in Dun Or, or Lancaster, Ca for people who aren’t into the medieval reenactment group. It was their 25th anniversary and Sarah’s second time being the youth activity officer. Alisa went to be her helper, and I went to support our local barony.

One of the things that I like about being a member of the Society is that I’ve made friends with some amazing people. This is also the most open minded group of people that I’ve ever been around. I’ve met several people who are like minded and enjoy the geeky things that I like.  So, I was talking with my usual group of people at events, and I we had a great time.  One of my friends, also introduced me to a long time friend, who helps run a geek internet radio station.  She was happy to introduce us, because she wants to see my creative endeavors sprout up and become something bigger then it is.

As the event came to an end, my friend, her family, and my group of people went out and had dinner together. The best part was, that I realized that I enjoyed being around these people far more than I ever realized. They are good people, and also intelligent as well. So, dinner took way longer than it should have, and without having our kids with us, it was nice to spend time with adults that we share a passion for geeky and possibly crude humor.  It was a wonderful night, and I look forward to actually hanging out more often now that we realize how much we enjoy each other’s company.


The first week in my Documentary Post production, and what I’m learning that editing a documentary is different than editing a a movie.  When filming a movie, short, or fictional story, you build the film around the script, where a documentary is the opposite where you build the story around the footage that has been filmed.

I’m looking forward to filming a few different, styles… i.e.. commercials, music videos; this way I can diversify my portfolio.  It’s also a great opportunity to stretch myself out as a storyteller. I have a top notch creative team that I’m working with and I find that it helps me be a better person creatively.

An idea of a “shared universe” for all our projects came up, and I think that’s a great idea, and kind of a thought I had already had as an idea. That way we could add another interesting part to the whole creative process. So, what element from what story is going to be referenced in which part of the current project.  Just so you know now, Life Happens is the central point to everything to come. The tragic start to Roger and Chelsea’s story is something that I’m looking forward to telling, as it is the second script that I’e written. Second Chances was the first one I wrote back in 2012.  I’m looking forward to revisiting that work at some point in the future and re-write it, especially since I’ve learned more about structuring a script. It was the story that broke my writer’s block.

This Short Experience

Wow! I sit here and reflect on the fact that I got this short completed. Everything from the writing of the script to the crazy filming, and finally too the experience of editing.  I enjoyed doing the sound editing, but I also found it to be one of the most time consuming portions of this process.  It’s funny that I think buying the rights to use two songs in this short was the most exciting part of my experience.

What I’ve learned through this whole process are lessons that I’ll continue to carry with me for the rest of my life.  They’ll also help in making me a better story teller.  The way this has gone, the most important lesson is that pre-production is the most important first step. I’ve learned that I need to work on organizing things better.  The biggest part of filming-roomtone is key.  If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, it’s an unsung hero for the world of bringing film to life. Oh, and I can’t wait until we can start scoring and doing our own music.  I think that will be a great experience.

I know that with the hardship that’s come with this picture, it will make everything that comes after seem like a piece of cake.  It also makes me hungry to do more, and I wish that I could dedicate far more time to working on my craft. Plus having my new creative partner is going to be a wonderful experience to help get the ideas flowing.

As I’m writing this, I’m also sending links to the short so that people can tell me what they think. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it: Enjoy, and leave a note. I take all comments into consideration. I know growth comes from criticism if people are willing to accept it. That was something my drama teacher always loved about me, was that I looked at it as a tool for improvement, and right now, I’m still a toddler in this filmmaking thing.

Another New Journey

A new beginning is about to occur with my life.  I’ve been in the process of looking into weight loss surgery, and today was my first step in getting there.  I went for a consultation today, and I’m happy to say that I’m looking into this change within the next six months. After hearing the doctor talk, I feel all that much more confident that I’ve made the right decision by going for this.  Surgery you say? Isn’t that a little extreme?   Yes, but with the things that I’ve battled with, I’ve decided that this is probably the most logical way to help me lose and keep off the weight.

I will have to see a dietician for the next six months, and that’s all that my insurance is requiring from me.  I have a strong support team around me, and I’m destined for success. I’ll be doing a video progress as things go along, so stay tuned for more updates.

Skull Island(2017)

I’m going to admit that I’m more excited about what is coming next at Universal, but Skull Island  was a fun movie to watch. So let’s start off with time period, it starts during World War Two for a bit of Kong introduction, but the story focuses on the Vietnam war era, in which Samuel L. Jackson is the leader of a helicopter unit. This movie isn’t like most King Kong movies by the way as SPOILER ALERT: the movie never leaves the island once they get there.

Now back to the narrative at hand. John Goodman is a scientist who believes that there are monsters on Earth. Corey Hawkins plays his assistant, who helps test his own theories of what’s underground. They recruit Jackson’s team to help get them on the island, and they look for a guid in Tom Hiddleston, and Brie Larson is a photo journalist, who is anti-war.( Geek note: Loki and Captain Marvel in a movie with Nick Fury, did Marvel set this up?)

So with the crew in tow, the scientist travel to Skull Island to bomb the terrain, for “science discovery.” All they do is piss off the big monkey, which is the point of the plot. an abbreviated version goes like this- Money knocks down helicopters, some pilots die, big creatures besides Kong kills some of the scientists and soldiers. Jackson plays typical Jackson and tries to take on Kong for the death of one of his men, Toby Kebbell, who’s the most popular soldier the team has. Jackson stirs up big monsters while trying to draw out Kong, basic summary of the plot.

Now, I will SPOILER ALERT: the biggest part of the movie, there are easter eggs everywhere for Godzilla(2014), they hint at the next movie where the big lizard and the big monkey will go toe to toe. I’m fanboying out over this. A good 4 out of 5 from me.

Logan(0r Finally The Right Movie)

This review of Logan(2017) is going to be full of NSFW words and spoilers. As usual, I’ll try to contain the surprises with the warnings of SPOILER ALERT.

So to start out, the year for the movie is 2029. Logan is much older, and is a limo driver. With that being said, the within the first five minutes, Logan is found sleeping in the limo, and his car’s getting jacked by thugs. With that set-up, the first five minutes also reminds you that we got the Wolverine movie we wanted. Blood, dismemberment, and gratuitous use of the word fuck. This character always needed the R-rating to justify the aggressive nature from the comic books. We also get many uses of the word fuck from Charles Xavier as well.

Spoiler alert, mutants are all but dead, Xavier is in hiding across the Mexican border, he is old, and very sick. He suffers from seizures that cause problems to everyone around him. Logan does everything in his nature to take care of Charles, with the help of a pastey tracker named Caliban. Charles has been in contact with a young mutant named Laura, who we find out is also a genetic copy of Logan. That’s what happens when scientists take DNA from people, they create dangerous weapons.

With an arranged meeting, Logan becomes an unwilling father figure to save Laura from this said science organization. I found it entertaining to see Logan attempt to be a father figure to the young child, while also being caretaker to the aging Xavier. The conflicts between Logan, and the group of Reavers who want to take Laura back into position turns into several clashes that proves that Laura, aka X-23 is a badass little girl. I give Jackman props for playing the older version of Logan with a bit of a battle worn demeanor. He’s a few beats slower, and his healing factor as worn down to the point were his body now carries the scares of his fights. With that Logan is also sick with a virus that he can’t seem to shake. Logan’s done fighting and just wants his life to end, and that is where we see Logan at this stage in his life.

Logan is convinced by Charles to take a trip to North Dakota to deliver Laura to a sanctuary called Eden, where they run into conflicts along the way. They end up helping some farmers saver their horses, and stay the night as a reward for their good deeds. This is where two big SPOILER ALERTS happen, one-the clone of Wolverine, called X-24 and his introduction is by killing Charles Xavier. The fight between the young and old Wolverines is really kick ass. As they travel, Laura ends up saving Logan by jacking a car and taking him to a clinic to attempt to heal.

After that, they finally make their way to Eden where they’ve been tracked by the Reavers, and the escape to Canada ensues. With a final show down, the X-24 ends up SPOILER ALERT fatally injuring Logan, and before the final blow, Laura blows off X-24’s head with an adamantium bullet. Laura and the refugee kids from the Science facilities bury Logan, and escape. That’s the way to end a series-clean and emotional.

While I didn’t touch base on the villains of the film, I do have to say that keeping this movie more low-key was part of the success of this movie. I found the movie to be one of the better comic movies around, and better than anything Fox has ever produced. I hope that producers keep in mind that story ultimately wins over the glamour and sparkle of some of the bigger budget movies they produce. I’d give this a 5 out of 5.

Busy Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend and it feels like today was the day to catch my breath. We took our son to see WWE live in Bakersfield on Saturday. This was his first event, and Sarah’s second, and it was fun to watch them enjoy the show. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with sports entertainment for the better part of 32 years. I may not always agree with what is on television, but I love the business of sports entertainment. I don’t even really see the matches as matches anymore, but as a dance. I watched the live event and paid attention to the wrestlers manipulate the crowd. It makes me smile to watch and see the crowd get into the cheering and the booing. The advantage of a live show is the fact that there are no editing tricks to see who is really over and who isn’t. It was something that I would do again, with my family, and with my friends who share that passion.

Again the weather decided to  prevent me from filming. The fact that it was a long weekend as well didn’t help as my actor was busy and we couldn’t film, but I’m confident that I will get this filmed this week. I started editing the first couple of scenes and I realize that I wish I wouldn’t have been in such a rush as I felt that I should have had more options to choose from. I’ll chalk it up to a life lesson, and know that I’ll have to spend a bit more time in the pre-production stage before I get to the actual filming, and get a better shot set-up plan for when we do film. Keep in mind that this is my first short, and I’m looking at doing more with this script in the future. Changing the last few scenes in a re-write has caused me to create another character that I would like to explore the relationship between the new bff of Moon. I can’t remember if I stated it here, but I did state on other social media that I’m not exactly a fan of the way I decided to end it, but it’ll have to do unless situations can work themselves out.

I’ll post more at a later date, until then, take care.

Untitled Feb 15th

I’ve been dealing with a cough that feels like it wants to put my in a vise grip. I feel better over all, and I think that tomorrow’s going to be a good day for a bit more revisions on my script.  I’m still not feeling the best, but I’m better, and I think that tomorrow is going to be a day of progress, both for the brain, and on film.

I’ve really felt like I’ve been running in place lately, and I know that it’s only temporary, but I’d really like to get back to working on the dozens of other projects that I have in my head. I’ve grown creatively over the last couple of years. I’ve now had experience with writing on a few scripts, and I’ve had even more creative experience helping my wife with the children in the Society of Creative Anachronisms. I wouldn’t mind doing  writing as a full-time job. I think the idea of being my own boss appeals to me more now than at any other time in my life.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Lego Batman movie with my kids this weekend. I find the experience of going to the movies a great experience, and I’m glad that I passed that on to my children. I will put up a blog on the site afterwards. I will talk to you soon.

Some Tune Going In My Head

Tip Toe, three in a row

Everything’s quiet and I’m listening to my hair grow.

I’m feeling down like a hazy shade of grey.

Even if the sun is out, and it’s a sunny day.

Sick inside, crazy on the brain.

Rain, rain, down the drain.

Sleepy, sleepy, time to chill.

Watching rain drops collecting on the window sill.

Waking up, waking up inside.

I’ve got that creativity that I can no longer hide.

I’m thinking about what the guitar is to the song writer,

And what the gun is to the freedom fighter.

Then I think about what the camera is to the filmmaker,

and coffin is to the undertaker.

We are in harsh times.

People being divided, and hate turned into crimes.

My eyes wake up to the negative new feed.

Politicians making money, the rich open with their greed.

I’m just here watching, making statements about life.

People dealing with real situations, their problems, their strife.


A Sigh of Relief

I know that I haven’t blogged much lately, but I’ve been busy working on my short. Even though filming hasn’t gone exactly according to plan, I’ve had an amazingly understanding teacher, and he’s let me get things in a bit late. Standing where I’m at, I’m sitting pretty with a solid B, I think that with everything that I’ve done, I’ll get at least an -A.

I feel fortunate to have a teacher that I’ve had previously because I think she’s absolutely one of the raddest people that I’ve ever met. We’ve spent time geeking out and she’s a decent human being. I’ve given her heads up, and she’s understanding. My teacher from my last class gave me some pointers, and I’m going to try and improve on the quality of my work in the post production, and keep what he’s said in mind for the next set of work that I do as I continue on with my work. I’m getting there for sure, and I know that I’ve come a long way.

Right now, that’s about all I have the time for an update, I promise to give more as I have the time, but this short is still my priority, and as I have mentioned on at least a few other places, I love the crew that I’ve acquired, they are a great group of people.

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