Change of Schedule

From time to time, we have something that throws us a “curveball” and that is our schedules change. Mine is changing at work again. I’ve decided to go back to the nightshift, and while you might say, Chris I thought you hated nightshift? I thought you hated sleeping half of your days away, especially during the weekend? What about being in bed with your wife only two nights a week?

Yes, I agree that those are some of the downsides to the nightshift, however, I am going in prepared for the task at hand. I’m going to concentrate on getting my steps, and bring my 100 wall push-ups a night. I find myself missing doing those on days where I wouldn’t get interrupted with the customer service that I provide at my job. I also will get paid a bit more because I’m working a night schedule, and that will help me with the plans that I started laying out last year.

See that’s the thing, I’ve been working on a plan that’s been evolving for the last six-years now, and it seems like once I get something underway, I find something else to add to the whole process. The newest part is that I’ve been working on paying bills off and getting ready to get the help to fund my movie.

The biggest issue with that is the fact that it’s taking forever to get responses for permits and insurance when we’re trying to find ways to save us money when it comes to actually filming. We will get there though, and once we do start filming, I’ll be happy because I’ve put so much energy into each of my projects.

So far, I’ve done fairly well with the blogging process for the year, and I plan on continuing to write because it helps me sort out my feelings and helps me become a better writer. The biggest problem I had the last time I was on nightshift was that I really didn’t get any content out like I wanted too. However, I’m making this move to make sure that I don’t let the shift stop me from continuing to be productive.

Good thing about working on the movie project that I’ve been dealing with, is that most of it should be filmed at night anyway. I’m finding that to be a challenging situation because I’ve not done a whole lot with night shoots, and I want to use a campfire for practical lighting. Outside of that, I’m excited to actually get this production going forward. That’s part of the reason I’m looking forward to getting the extra money from nightshift. I can pay off bills and put more money towards the production.

The other thing about nightshift is that it’s slower, and I figured that I can work on scripts and blogs during the hours of down time, that is when I’m not getting steps in, or doing those push-ups. I’ve got a plan.

How does this affect your mental health? Well, I know that if I sit there and think, my mind tends to want to focus on negative things. I find that since I’ve gotten off of dayshift for the first time almost two-years ago, I like to get myself to work about a hour early, just so I can take my time and get mentally prepared. From some of the things I’ve seen, the nightshift is one of the easiest, yet most daunting shifts to work. It seems to take a special something to make it work. Usually those who work nightshift also prefer to stay on that shift.

You can always take any situation and look at it from a positive point of view or a negative. Yes, I realize that it’s the slower shift, and I’m usually one for the busier shift, but with this, I find an opportunity to work on things that would give me more of a chance to concentrate on. I like the quiet when being creative, and I was fortunate to have a couple people who had insomnia the last time I was on it to keep me company.

It also seems to help that I while the last time, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, I am more aware now, and look forward to the challenges that it will present itself. By-all-rights, the last time I was on nightshift it was actually an uneventful time.


So as I’ve been writing this blog, it’s taken a few days to get it completed. I finished my first night on the nightshift and the day actually started out promising. When working the nightshift sleep can be tricky to navigate. Six-hours of regular sleep seems different than six-hours of sleeping during the morning hours. I’ve had advice from people whom have worked the night hours for long periods of time. Blackout curtains, and staying up for twenty-four-hours are just a couple of the suggestions that I’ve heard.

Since I’m a family man, I dance between both a “normal” schedule and the night schedule. My kids are a bit older, and far more understanding of the situation, but sometimes can still get loud. My dog is much the same way only she likes to whine and get back on the bed.

I think that having some overtime the last couple of weeks, that had put me in a for a sixteen-hour-day has helped remind me of the good times of the nightshift, but I handled those well enough. So staying up Sunday night and not going to bed until after five-in-the-morning, had been okay.

I watched Apocalypse Now(1979), the redux edition that night. I nodded off a few times, as it is a movie that comes in at 202 minutes. When it was finally over, it was closer to five-thirty-in-the-morning. I had the hopes of sleeping until about one, but was up around eleven-thirty. I’m okay with getting six-hours of sleep, because I didn’t fall into the zombie state that haunted my waking hours the last time I was on nightshift.

I got in my personal training session, which also consisted of helping out with my personal trainers youth grappling class, and then did my workout afterwards. I was wondering if that would make me tired as sometimes my sessions push me to that point, but I made it out okay. The only down side is that I started my deadlifts wrong and hurt my back a bit.

This would make the first-three-hours-of-work a bit difficult to get the rest of my steps, but since I had also walked most of them after I had awoken any way, I was able to push through and complete them. I think the walking actually helped my back feel a bit better as I was going. Then, since my step counter restarts at midnight, I would finish through out the night another nine-thousand steps.

I did end up hitting “the wall” about three, three-thirty, which I’ve been told t is common. So walking around and being active helps put off any attempts to nod off at work.

I’ve done my first sleep after my actual shift, and while I did get about six-hours of sleep, I woke up from being too hot. Believe it or not, this isn’t uncommon from the last time I was on this schedule. The bed would get too warm as the morning goes by. Yet, I’m good, as I’m writing this right now.

Anyway, I’m working on maintaining the weight loss journey as being on nightshift is usually a difficult place to keep that going. So, here’s to the next six-months of not seeing a whole lot of day light during the workday, and I’m okay with that. This is the director, and that’s a wrap.

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