The Advice Challenge Number One

Okay, so I’ve been asked to anonymously give someone advise on their current situation. So, after already trashing two blogs, I’ve decided to take it on, head-on, and I’m not going to stop until I can get through this. So, I’m gonna set-up the situation, and give my two cents on the subject.

My friend had become a single parent, and being a newly single mom, had to have her parent’s help with taking care of her children. As she was living in Northern California, she was working full-time, and putting in overtime, so that she could provide for her children in a place that has a higher cost of living. As time went on her parent’s slowly started criticizing the way she would deal with her money and personal affairs in life.

A sense of bullying had started to become part of her relationship from her parents. She didn’t always make the right choices, but she was just trying her best by her kids. Things have gotten worse, between herself and her parents, and all of a sudden her frustrations had caused her to say things out of heated passion, and while not always the proper words to say, it has caused legal action between herself and her parents over the children.

I won’t get into more details on everything, but I will go ahead and speak on the whole case with everything I do know.

In the legal dealings with your parents, I think that having a combative attitude isn’t the smartest thing to do. You should walk in with a calm collected mind. I know that it’s not always easy, especially when it’s your own children involved, but they are the one’s who suffer the most throughout this process. We’ve talked about your tendency to be defiant, and that doesn’t look good in the eyes of the court when dealing with your kids.

Yes, it does suck that your parents would treat you the way they have, after all blood is supposed to be thicker than water, however,  speaking from personal experience, that’s not always the case. I’m not close to most of my family as it is, I’m just fortunate to be able to be close to my parents.

There are the pressures of other factors in your life, marriage, finances, dealing with work, and health. The best thing I can say for any of this is to figure out which things are priority and tackle them one at a time. Sometimes the ones that seem like the most important, aren’t always the easiest to work on first.

Be smart on your choices, don’t be brash and defiant. Remember that this isn’t about self gratification, this is about getting your children back and get your life back on the right track. Again, it isn’t the easiest, but I know you can do it, if you have patience.

This also means that you have to look at the other factors in your life. Do you have toxic relationships? Maybe you need to consider severing ties to those people. I think things will work out if you keep going to make things better for yourself and your kids, but you have to take that initiative and go for it.

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