Two-Days, Down With the Sickness

I had a horrible pain on Wednesday, and I had to come home. I left work, right as it was starting. It started out as what felt like a gas pain, but I hadn’t had a gas pain like that since my surgery. So I came home and rested. I even went so far as to actually take a nap, which is a rarity. The funny part of it is, I don’t remember the last time I actually called off of work for myself.

It seems like I’m calling off because of a sick family member or some emergency pops up that needs to be taken care of. I don’t really get sick like I used too because I’ve lost so much weight, and I exercise regularly. I guess that is one of the many benefits I got from the gastric sleeve.

I started to feel better, later that night, but because of a rough night’s sleep, I woke up feeling much worse. I do feel grateful that I was able to rest up yesterday though. I’ve been around sick people everywhere, family, friends, co-workers. It’s been crazy that it took me so long to actually feel something. I think it was a bit more than gas, and the two-days off gave me some much needed time to recharge my battery.

I spent yesterday watching video’s on Youtube learning about script writing, and Adobe After Effects, because that’s part of what I want to do in life. That and it gave me sometime to start typing up my next draft of Life Happens. It was nice to apply what I was learning in the video and using it on my own projects.

I was trying to use my down time wisely, and I think I did okay for it. I hate being sick because it throws everything else off into a wild abandon, and seeing how many steps I lacked, caused me to be bummed out. It seems that I hate lazy days, I feel like I need to do something at least a little bit.

I did decide to do my workout session today with Sam. While doing my circuit training, we’ve been pushing me to go four rounds without a break in-between, however, I had to take a break today before my fourth round because I was feeling a bit on the weak side. I’m feeling it today. My shoulder is a bit sore, and my hip was hurting as I was doing my last set of V-ups. It felt like it needed to pop, and it hurt bad. I’m sure if I would have popped it, that it would have hurt like a bitch.

I actually had to take a few moments after my workout today to actually rest. I felt like I hadn’t worked out in some time. It’s weird how your body tells you that you haven’t been feeling in pique condition like that. It’s those times that make us feel old, at least I did.

I’m trying to be more mindful about engaging my different muscle groups when working out. I know that the core muscles are always supposed to be used to during most exercises. I even squeezed my gluts during my squat session. I wasn’t feeling that today though. My deadlifts was a bit off as well. The soreness is what surprises me, because it doesn’t happen too often.

The more you workout, the better you feel. Not only that, but your body tolerates and heals at a better speed. These are things that I’ve noticed since I have been working out. I’ve also noticed that when working out, I can feel the blood pumping in my muscles.

A couple of things that I need to do to improve even more is watching my carbs. I’ve been good at being a bit more mindful of them. The other part is that I have to get out of my mind about food, and pay attention to my body. I find that I snack when we’re watching a movie, or I get a bit bored. I keep telling myself that, I’m better than that, but it’s a habit that I’ve slid back into.

How many bad habits do you have that you’re aware of? Have you taken steps to improve upon them? Value experience in life, it’s a great teacher, and if you get into some shit, that’s what show’s what you’re made of, or what you need to do to be made of. These are interesting times my friends, and all we can do is embrace life, and take it by the reins.

Feeling better is going to put me back on the right track to getting getting past the plateau. I’ve been stuck between 260 and 265 for several months, and it’s frustrating, but at the sometime, I’m thankful that whatever bad habits I’ve found hasn’t put me into the ten-twenty pound plus. I’ll take that as a win.

Anyway, that’s a wrap from the Director. Have a good night, and take care of yourselves.

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