Three Years of Blogs

I got a notification that I’m upon my three year anniversary with WordPress. I can’t believe that I’ve been sharing my experiences on here with everybody. That’s at least three years that I’ve shown my vulnerable side, and it’s not always been easy. I’ve shared laughs, struggles, and my dealings with trying to figure my mental health out. For that, I’ve been honored to share that with you.

The truth is, I started blogging about my issues a few years before that, when all I had was Facebook as the tool to blog on. I’m glad that I transitioned here, because I found it easier to tell my story on here, and to pass it on to other social media sites that I’m a part of. WordPress has become the central hub to my experiences in life. I like the fact that it keeps track of how many words I’ve used, and the averages that comes with that. It shows me that my writing has improved in length. I wanted to be able to write bigger and better blogs, and in which I’ve seemed too.

Being open about who I am, and what I struggle with hasn’t been easy. It may also surprise people that I’ve found allies in the most unlikely places. I’ve even connected with people I’ve long since forgotten, and have built bonds with these people, like I never would have dreamed in the years of my youth.

Some of the biggest surprises that I’ve found is that people have shared struggles that I never realized they had gone through while we were kids. I viewed many of them as the “popular crowd” and have been told how they’ve struggled to fit in. Some admiration has come out of it as they think that I’m brave for what I do. To that end, the fact that I stopped giving a shit about the negative views of how people perceive me has added to the strength and resolve in my life.

As I part the views on how blogging has helped me work through my issues, I also feel like this particular blog share in a way be a manifesto for where I see things going for myself, and the things that I represent.

This weekend ended up being productive as I was able to get two different consultations in with people who could use some advice. I was honored to reach out a helping hand to both, and that is something I foresee doing more of as time goes on.

I’ve over the last few years become not only a blogger, but a podcaster, and I’m now looking to add vlogging unto the many versions of content that I provide. Some of my content does better than others, but I never plan on trying to get anything to go viral. It would be cool if something of mine did, but I never go in to creating something like that. I figure if something resonates, it’ll go viral on it’s on merits and I’m good with that.

I’ve already been able to help people over the last several months, and it truly is a blessing that I’ve been able to be there to help change lives. I feel that this was what I was put on this earth for, to help, be a light, to help people who seem lost. If this is God’s plan, I think I’m on the right track.

I don’t think that this is going to stop here though, I feel that I have much more to do to help people. Some people might think of it as I’m being a Social Justice Warrior, but I feel that with the way current events are going, that there are sects of society that baffle me. Sexism is real, racism is real, bigotry mindsets in every aspect is real, and I don’t get how it is that we haven’t evolved beyond these mind sets.

I feel that the basic human right is that everyone should be able to live without fear, and love the person that makes them happy, within reason. None of that creepy stalker type love, or anything like that. Equality should be amongst everyone without the issue of discrimination. I guess there are those who fear the change of the status quo.

I’m an ally to many of those who feel discriminated, and yes, I’ve seen the ugliness in the various sects of our culture. First, I’m a cis, white male, and already that label seems to make me an enemy in parts of the LGBTQ+ community. Second, I’m a geek, and I’ve heard the comments that come out in my own favorite fandoms, which takes me aback because this part of the society was looked down upon, by the more mainstream parts of society.  Because I’ve been overweight, I’ve seen and felt the hate from people who look at me like I was lazy.

I think the worse part of discrimination is those who are hypocritical about it. I know heavy set people who are disgusted by the idea of dating another heavy set person, or have a dislike for other people of similar size. My ex-father-in-law was that kind of person, and he would make rude comments at every opportunity that he got.

While this blog went a few unexpected places, I’m just the guy who talks about his experiences and opinions, and with that; this is the director, and that’s a wrap.

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