Screaming For The Hopeless

Much of my blogging comes from the desire to help people. I like to inspire and get people motivated to do something to improve themselves. I’ve even talked about cutting out the negativity that gets in the way.

As I sit here away work, I started thinking about how I recently did a podcast on toxic people, which got me thinking about lost causes. Which is kind of a hard pill to swallow as it’s a lesson that I’ve felt with many times.

I’ve been in a position in my life to where I’ve met and befriended people from various walks of life. Some of those have needed genuine help, and I’ve been glad to have been in the position to help. Seeing those people thrive afterwards has always been enough of a reward. This has built eternal bonds at times as well. I’ve also had the opposite happen and had people use my generosity, those are the relationships that I’ve had to cut out of my life. It’s sad when that happens, yet sometimes they don’t know any better, or want any better.

The worst of the situations is watching someone that I care for, want the help, and then continue to make the wrong choices in life. Some fell to drugs, some fell into getting into a toxic crowd and getting themselves lost. This is where it hurts the most, because seeing a loved one choose this life style over what would potentially be better for them, and in the end, I would look like the villain in their eyes. One of the most bitter pills to swallow.

It makes me wonder why we have so much hate and anger in society. Jealousy is a serious problem for many people, and it’s not usually the person it’s directed against fault. Maybe it’s a control issue? I know a particular person who is bitter because they couldn’t control or bully us into making favorable decisions for them. I can’t help that they wanted to cheat a system that has helped them more than they may have deserved.

I know that I used to have jealousy, and hate, but looking inside myself, I found that I had the power to change things. The biggest change was to learn to have a different perspective in life. The change can only happen when one looks inside of themselves before any other change can happen. I know people who want a better situation, but are unwilling to do something to help better it. Some of these people expect things handed to them. It makes me wonder where that line of thought and expectation ever came from? Was it a learned trait, nurtured in an environment they were raised in? Did life give them an experience that gave them that type of demand in life?

It really is something to ponder. All I know is that I had to change myself for the better, and that I hope that those who seem to be hopeless the most, find a way to redeem themselves. I know not everything is easy to get through, and the situation can sometimes be out of our own hands, but I would hope that they could find a better way.

This is the director and that’s a wrap.

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