Something About The Old School

It’s nice when I can get some solitude away from technology, and just think. Most days, my life seems to remind around my phone, or computer, but it’s nice when I can take a moment away and let my thoughts flow freely.

I think that society gets to wrapped up in their own “world” though the connection of being tired to their phones, and there ends up being a newly founded disconnect with inner personal interaction. I also see the irony because I’m typing this on my phone.

Yet, we’re in an age of being connected everywhere and anywhere all at once. People can choose to be a facade of something they want to be, and feel they can say whatever they choose with no real physical repercussions.

This is where the balance takes place. The connection can be used for good, or evil. I find it refreshing that the blogs I choose to follow are more about being themselves and uplifting others. As I’ve been one who embarked on this journey four years ago, I find a better feeling inside myself when I can uplift and help others be positive.

Now on the other side, I’ve seen an ugliness among the various sites on social media. The nastiness usually comes from topics like politics and religion, all the way to sexual orientation and race.

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s because some people like to “troll” on the internet, but there’s so much negativity that goes on my feed daily. It saddens me to think that some of these people are that narrow minded and can’t open themselves up to other view points.

I’m all for the healthy debate of differing opinions, and I think it’s a great tool to grow as a thinker seems society. There is much too be learned from a good debate, even if it’s learning something about yourself in the process.

Alas, I’ll read a particularly passionate debate about our government, both locally and nationally, and see the varying points of view, just to see it become a school yard slam fest.

The arguments are usually stated with “where are your facts to support it”? Which is a good base to get the discussion going, and then the “morons”, and “idiots” tend to turn the discussions into a “witch hunt”.

I personally disagree with this behavior, especially towards people with mental health issues. Too many times I’ve observed people wanting to disappear in response to this “trolling” and/ or go on the defensive. I’m sure there are those who go unaware of the impact their words, but I knows there are others who really lack apathy.

In the end, I think unplugging from technology from time to time is a good idea, especially for one’s own mental health. Please remember to treat each other with a little more respect and kindness, because you never know how those actions can affect someone. This is the director and that’s a wrap.

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