Did You Lose A Person?

I’m down 131 lbs so far. That’s a person! I’ve lost a person, and it feels good. As I sit here and contemplate the dozen possibilities that are coming my way, I realize that I have a test tomorrow morning.

I’m coming up on a physical agility test. I have to do nineteen push ups, and a mile and a half in seventeen and a half minutes. I still think like a fat person and don’t think that I ven accomplish either of those tasks. Could I though? Honestly, I have no idea. Every other time I’ve tried, I could walk a mile at the most, so I’m still not sure what I can do.

I did however get a chance to go for a walk yesterday, and I did a bit of running. My problem there is that it feels like I’m going to lose my shorts. With everything in my pockets, running streets to tug my shorts down. That’s no master how tight I try to tie the draw string.

So tomorrow’s the time to see what I can do. If I don’t pass, I’m not going to be too heart broken. At least I will have tried. No matter, tomorrow should show an improvement, and I’ll take that as a win.

Categories: Weight Loss Journey

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