Tomorrow? (Part 1)

I’m going back to work tomorrow after my six weeks off because of my surgery. To be honest, I’m anxious. It’s weird to actually think about where I am now, compared to when I was going to have my surgery. In the aspect of things, six weeks isn’t that long, but with this journey of six weeks off, I’ve had time to reflect, and think about where I want to go with life.

The things that I’ve been focused on doing for the gastric sleeve documentary has been on my mind, and I think that I’m going to change it to the journey of losing weight, and the obstacles that have kept me from being successful before now. It’ll be a great way to help motivate other’s who might not have that drive to become healthy.

I guess the best thing about going back to work is the fact that life can get back to some sort of normalcy, and I know things are going to be good this year. I’m positive that this will be a year of growth and changes. I’m not sure where life will  take me, maybe a new location is in the future. I’m making a new set of friends through the gastric sleeve experience. The networking in the past few years has been great. Good people, better opportunities are going to be knocking, and I plan on taking them the help me further my professional and personal life.

I’ve also recently taken an interest in Eastern philosophy. I think that I need to find something that helps bring me a better sense of inner piece. As I’ve turned into a beacon of positivity for the last few years, now I want to find something more. I’m also  improving myself by continuing my education, by doing videos from, and Rosetta Stone.

I will continue this after I get back from work tomorrow, and reflect on how I’m feeling. (To be continued….)

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