Gonna Sew Myself Together

Things have been going so good for the last several months. By that, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had some bumps(see last blog) along the way.  I haven’t dealt with the depression from my surgery in a week or so. I believe that the rough part of the after affects of it is done. Though tonight, I find myself wishing that the growth for my future would be here much sooner than it is.

I do realize that I need to be a bit more patient, but sometimes it feels a bit discouraging that I’ve not gotten any positive feedback from my ventures yet. I’m also not trying to falter in my ventures to get my brands out there. I do slightly feel like I’ve been in a bit of a stand still there. I think I need to keep going and put forth the effort, after all, Nash Gray https://youtu.be/881V4iLEhAY has gotten a bit of exposure, and it seems to have positive reviews from people I know. Maybe the bug to get another film going is part of why I’m feeling the way I am.

I also know that I need to shoot more video’s for my weight loss documentary. I actually thought that maybe it should be about my life long battles with food addiction and possibly about some of my mental health battles as well. Especially since they both intersect at several points in my life. Plus I’m still mentally preparing for another documentary that I’m doing involving a new friend and his potential boxing career.

I think one of this biggest things that’s been on my mind is the fact that I go back to work in two and a half weeks, and I’m not sure how things are going to go for me, in specifics due to my surgery and how I am physically. At least I should be going to the gym after next Tuesday, and I can’t wait to get that going before I have to put the uniform back on. Maybe it’ll help with the impact of the long days I’ll be back at.

One the positives, I feel like I’m swimming in most of my shirts now. My S.H.I.E.L.D shirt was feeling snug and you could see my done laps at the bottom. Not anymore though. I’m also starting to get motivations to do things, like I wanted to help my mom cook on New Years day. Then I also wanted to go for an actual walk that wasn’t just around a store.

Another positive is that I’ve been hearing from friends that I’ve motivated them to get on the losing weight train. I think that’s the biggest reward of them all, and I’m glad I could help. That’s what all of this CK Project has been all about, to help somebody. I know that questions and concerns come up, and there are people who’re too afraid to ask the questions. At least my experiences can help someone in need.

I’m feeling a bit better putting this out there, and I hope my readers find this useful in solving something that might be bothering them. Once again this is the director, and that’s a wrap.

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