6 Days to Sundown

I’m  remaining vigilant about the liquid diet, and it’s not completely easy. Since I had my protein shake at three-thirty this morning, by seven, I was starting to feel a bit shaky. Once I started drinking my tea, it helped. I was glad to have hot tea as it was very cold and windy outside, and I felt the cold biting through my clothes today.

I guess that the mental part is that I would like more than I’m consuming, but I’m doing my best to get by through the temptations(and I see snack food everywhere). I’m stronger for it by not being as tempted as I could be. I’ve been known not to have any willpower, that is my cross to bare, and yet I seem to be succeeding it so far. I’m so close that I know the journey is worth it. The best support is the enormous support I’m receiving from the people around me.

I’ve been told that I should find a support group for when this is done. A fellowship of like experienced people usually is the way to find strength and are a good resource of information. I’m fortunate to have friend who have gone through this process before, and the love I have will help me prevail.

Shit though, time is going by at a fast pace. I can’t even believe that it’s this close until the day. All I can do is hope and pray that everything goes smooth. That’s what I want because it feels like my future seems to be taking off, and there are way too many projects that I need to get working on. My purpose in life is going on now, and I can’t wait to share the gift with other people.

This is the director and that’s a wrap.

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