11 Isn’t Always Heaven

So the liquid diet seemed to go okay today, though I did want more than I was getting, I made it through the day.  I can do this, I just have to remind myself.

It was a pretty rough week towards the end of my work schedule so I want to say that I think that is what attributed to my crankiness. I don’t think it was the lack of substance for food. I’m still not entirely sure though.

I had my creamy tomato soup for lunch and a yogurt for breakfast. Plus a Muscle Milk drink. I then came home to more Butter Nut Squash soup. I added pepper to it, though I’m not sure if that is or isn’t aloud, but it was damn tasty, so I’ll take it as a win.

I wasn’t entirely sure that I was going to make this blog tonight, as the day once again kicked my ass, and I feel myself nodding off while typing this blog. I’m trying to keep that commitment up to my readers at home. I wouldn’t recommend going straight liquid diet if I had another option. Though I really didn’t, I’m usually okay with the circumstance at hand with getting thrown into things head first, I think that’s how I’ve survived for so long.

I would write more, but the words are seemingly slipping my mind at this time. For tonight, I think I’m just gonna call it a wrap.

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1 thought on “11 Isn’t Always Heaven

  1. Keep writing. I love hearing your progress and thoughts. I’ve been cranky too, trying to unwind from the past couple of months.


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