I’m Not Dead, I Promise

I apologize for not blogging in a while, truth is, I’ve been busier with life then I thought I would be. So, let me go through the updates as follows: Society of Creative Anachronisms, we did a two night camp trip to our kingdoms war, Great Western War. It was fun, we hung out with friends, I tried more scotch then I ever thought I would, some of them tasted kind of like licking a campfire, but it was an interesting time.

The biggest ones to actually catch up on, the movie, and yes, Nash Gray is finally in the  finally stages of being edited into the movie we started to make. It was a great time, emotional and physically taxing at times, but to see the thoughts become reality is amazing, and that is part of why I went the direction in life that I did. We had to get creative, but overall, not bad for our first time.

I’ve also started writing more scripts, I’ve taken a pause for the last couple of weeks because this project’s taken my time, but I’m a month and a half away from being done with school. I don’t have more to say at this time, just wanted to give a quick update on the silence, be back soon, so that’s a wrap for now.

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