The Next Step-Ready to Go with Weight Loss

Last week I went in for a series of tests.  They did an EKG, checked out my arms and legs for blood clots, did an ultrasound of my stomach and heart. Wednesday night I had a sleep study, and Thursday morning, I had a Endoscopy.  It was an experience that I won’t forget.  When they took a scan of my sinuses, I felt like Bill Bixby in The Incredible Hulk(1978) television series.

So now that I’m well on my way to actually doing this, I feel that I have to get my butt in gear and actually start getting a bit of exercise.  I’m currently focusing only dual class schedule at the moment, but I’ve got a good momentum going that I think I will take a hike this weekend.

So many changes are getting ready to happen, and while I’m excited, I’m also terrified with the fact that these changes are big.  I found out from my sleep test that I might have sleep apnea, but I need to set up another test so that I can go down and sleep with a mask on( yay me).  I will update you more later.

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