The Wonder Con 2017 Experience

17629752_10207727151051220_7680838897911199256_n      (The Chris’ are in line for a business panel.)

So, we got back home late Monday night from a five day vacation. We checked in early on Thursday and then surprised the kids with tickets to Disneyland. It was Lily’s first time and she had fun. I was happy to see that Tomorrowland had basically turned into Star Wars land. As it was Spring Break for many people, it was busy. I was morose to see that many of the rides, and spaces where either broke down, or under utilized. It was a good night.

Staying in the motel room that we stayed in, the mattress was hard and I woke up with pain in my lower back and legs, but we made it to our first day at Wonder Con.  We spent time in artist alley, and then looked around the rest of the booths. I think we bought a total of four Pop Vinyls while we were there. The best part was that there were so many great costumes, and things to geek out about. We were graced with my co-leader and her family for the three days. I was loving watching everyone in my party geek out.

Friday night lead to taking the little ones into their first panel, it was The Goldbergs, and it was hosted by Kevin Smith. It was enjoyable to watch him Emcee the event. F-bombs flew out of his mouth, and no worries were had by him. I gained respect for the creator Adam F. Goldberg, that night.  From that night, Little Chris and I went into a panel over in the Hilton Hotel on getting into the creative side of the business. My young partner in crime did really well, and we walked away with some useful tips. We also did a making “nerd” money panel in the same building on Sunday.  Let’s just say that all the things we learned will be applied, and it looks like I’m well on my way to get that train moving.

The most expensive part of the whole experience was the food-good God that stuff was expensive. The experience was fun, even if we had kids bickering towards each other. On my part, my obese ass, actually survived from less pain then I thought. I walked almost everywhere those days.

Come Monday morning, we went back to Disneyland and California Adventure.  We spent most of the day at the parks before coming home, and Little Chris finally got to go on Indiana Jones, he’s been wanting to get on that ride for the last five years, and he enjoyed it. While I’m not breaking everything down; that will come next year. We made it home safe, and I was glad to share the experience with great friends and family.

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