Untitled Feb 15th

I’ve been dealing with a cough that feels like it wants to put my in a vise grip. I feel better over all, and I think that tomorrow’s going to be a good day for a bit more revisions on my script.  I’m still not feeling the best, but I’m better, and I think that tomorrow is going to be a day of progress, both for the brain, and on film.

I’ve really felt like I’ve been running in place lately, and I know that it’s only temporary, but I’d really like to get back to working on the dozens of other projects that I have in my head. I’ve grown creatively over the last couple of years. I’ve now had experience with writing on a few scripts, and I’ve had even more creative experience helping my wife with the children in the Society of Creative Anachronisms. I wouldn’t mind doing  writing as a full-time job. I think the idea of being my own boss appeals to me more now than at any other time in my life.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Lego Batman movie with my kids this weekend. I find the experience of going to the movies a great experience, and I’m glad that I passed that on to my children. I will put up a blog on the  luckeybomfilms.wordpress.com site afterwards. I will talk to you soon.

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