A Sigh of Relief

I know that I haven’t blogged much lately, but I’ve been busy working on my short. Even though filming hasn’t gone exactly according to plan, I’ve had an amazingly understanding teacher, and he’s let me get things in a bit late. Standing where I’m at, I’m sitting pretty with a solid B, I think that with everything that I’ve done, I’ll get at least an -A.

I feel fortunate to have a teacher that I’ve had previously because I think she’s absolutely one of the raddest people that I’ve ever met. We’ve spent time geeking out and she’s a decent human being. I’ve given her heads up, and she’s understanding. My teacher from my last class gave me some pointers, and I’m going to try and improve on the quality of my work in the post production, and keep what he’s said in mind for the next set of work that I do as I continue on with my work. I’m getting there for sure, and I know that I’ve come a long way.

Right now, that’s about all I have the time for an update, I promise to give more as I have the time, but this short is still my priority, and as I have mentioned on at least a few other places, I love the crew that I’ve acquired, they are a great group of people.

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