Trump and the Future(NSFW)

I’ve stayed fairly silent on this election, not because I haven’t had a strong opinion on either side of the argument, or that I haven’t thought that seeing my friends and loved ones get into a heated battle about this hasn’t bothered me, but now I think is the time to give my thoughts on Trump and the up coming years. So, for those of you who do read this, I ask that you hear me out, and realize that I’m not trying to attack anyone. You are my friends, and I love and respect you, and your opinions.

I understand that people feel that Trump is “not my president”, but he’s the chosen one to run our country, so, he’s kind of the guy running the show for the next four years, unless he totally fucks up, then he might get impeached. I also see the misogyny that he seems to have towards women. I heard the “locker room” talk that he had said about trying to hook up with a married woman, and feels that he could,”grab them by the pussy.”  I’m not saying that him feeling that way is appropriate, but I’ve been around enough locker rooms, and hung out with huge groups dominated by both sexes to know that certain banter comes out. Does he really feel that way? He might, or maybe he was just talking shit with some friends. That’s something that could have been taken out of context, but I don’t think we’ll ever get the true answer in that.

He has said some very offensive things, in particular against the Latino community and people with special needs. Okay, so I agree that the illegal immigration is an issue, but I don’t think that it’s an unfixable issue. I feel that those who are already here, those who work hard to provide for their families should have the chance for citizenship. I’m sure there are those who have already benefited from the fact that being illegal has helped save somebody money. Give them a chance to actually set up a legit and legal life here in America. As for his comments on people with special needs, whether it was the reporter, or his comments on Autism, there was no excuse for that. He came off like a bully, and I say shame on him, and his station in life, because he’s choose to be that way. My kid has Asperger’s Syndrome, asshole, it wasn’t from vaccinations, there’s research out there that proves different. Being our leader means that you should be above petty things like that. I will say though, all of us have said things that we later regret, even though I don’t think he has any regrets of what he said.

Okay, so now, I’m going to address the issues of the populace. The Trump supporters that I’ve actually talked to have come off a bit arrogant, and some of the Clinton supporters have complained…. okay I get it. I personally didn’t vote for either because they didn’t make me feel comfortable, and change needed to be made. I get that people felt that Obama apparently ruined America, but hey, ya still have your guns! He didn’t call for Marshall law! America still stands, and while I didn’t agree with the way he handled all of this policies, I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I’m pretty sure we could chill and nerd out together. “Barack, we need to sit and talk comics sometime.” I think that being forced to have the Affordable Care Act wasn’t the best idea, and it does infringe on certain rights, but it seemed to work for some, and for others, it ended up costing more. Again, I may not agreed with all of his polices, but he had some damn good ideas, that I felt needed to be handled different.

Mike Pence seems to be another story and I don’t know enough about yet to give a solid opinion.

My fears are that Trump screws the pooch and some of the programs that he plans to get rid of, ends up hurting us worse. In particular, anything that he gets rid of that has to do with the environment impact is bad. We need to start taking better care of our planet, or we’ll end up in a bad episode of Judge Dredd or any other post apocalyptic waste land movie, TV, or novel out there. I’m not sure having a former leader of a gas company is exactly smart for the cabinet either. I do understand that  cutting programs to save money is just apart of the job, I’m not sure that some of the programs he’s choosing to cut is going to be good for minorities.

There are a few things that America can do to get through this new page in our history. One: Congress and the Senate can do their jobs, and actually fight for their selected states and districts. What a concept since that seldom seems the case, or at least from my observation. Two: We has Americans can actually stand together and fight to support each other. I have several good friends in the LGBQT community that are scared, and they need our support while they deal with the backlash of what may come. We need to stand together as our children with special needs might come under attack. As the decent people I know my friends are, we can stand up and tell our representatives what we need.

I’ve said half jokingly that the next four years will be entertaining to say the least. The truth is, there is nothing funny going on right now. America seems divided, and we need to come together now more than ever before. Hold the powers that be accountable for the actions that can and might just happen to us. Don’t sit idly by and watch as the nation tears itself apart. We live in a country that has a system that’s broken, and Trump being elected was the indicator that America is tired of that broken system. So, if we actually start to connect more, and try and help others, we can do well, and we will survive this unpredictable time.

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