A Step in the Right Direction

I’m enjoying the fact that I’ve had the motivation to be productive this year. I’m looking at the light at the end of the tunnel for my schooling, and I’m also doing somethings that are hopefully going to be coming to fruition soon. One of those things, are that I’m looking at a new group that I’d like to get involved with, an Improv group down in the Los Angeles area.

I’ve also been trying to get things going professionally as well, I’ve just started making moves to help get myself noticed so that I can hopefully promote up and out of my current position at work. I think that things are looking up in that aspect.

Sometimes, I find it challenging to find the words that I’d like to say, but I’ve taken this challenge to heart and I plan on writing most days, and providing thoughts on where my mind is at. Tonight, my mind is with my friends and the success that they’ve been seemingly coming by in the past several months. I’ve found joy in the facts that several have found huge steps in their professional growth, and that in itself is a blessing.

Last year was a year of loss, and that empty feeling of loss had carried out throughout the year. I had friends lose too many people in this last year, and my thoughts continue with them. I do feel positive that this year will bring forth positivity in abundance, and whatever success that I might have in this year, I share it with the people I care for most. I feel that my success, is going to be used to help uplift those to be successful as well. After this blog tonight, I’m going to challenge myself to committing to at least a thousand word blogs from this point on. That is a challenge, but I think that I can accomplish that.

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