New Year’s

So, 2016 was a difficult year for some people.  There was loss, and hardship felt on several fronts.  I’ve had to witness friends lose a child to a tragic accident, and the helplessness that goes with that. I’m glad that I was able to have the foresight to lend a helping hand to these wonderful people. I can say that a beautiful bond as been made in this horrible experience.

We as a people have seen the entertainment industry lose more influential talent then in previous years, and from my understanding, that trend isn’t going to go away for a few years at least. At least we have a legacy that was left behind to enjoy, so there shouldn’t be too much sadness as what influenced us, has been left behind for us to enjoy.

I’ve been blessed with making some new friends this year, they are not only talented, but they are some of the most wonderful people that I’ve gotten to meet in a long while, and I look forward to seeing what they can contribute to this world. I’ve also have the chance to really start reconnecting with some of my friends from my youth, and so many of those bonds have helped to define the person that I’ve grown to be.

I still battle my demons, but I have a better handle on them then I’ve had in sometime.  I also have found more courage to talk about where my mind goes than just hiding what I deal with on a constant basis. Through situations that have happened this year, I’ve taken on challenges and I’ve surprised my fortitude has endured some of the events that have popped up. This year has provided me with a chance to grow personally, and start to grow professionally as well. The seeds have been planted and I expect big things to happen in the new year. One of the biggest achievements that is coming to an end in the upcoming year is that I’ll have my bachelors degree before the year is through. I decided to get a degree in Digital Filmmaking, because this was a direction I felt life was taking me. I spent too many years listening to everybody else, and I put my passions on hold. This helped me take my life back, and while so might say that it’s going to be tough to break in the competitive business in Hollywood, most people might not realize that I do have other plans then just the idea of working in Hollywood, and with that, you’ll all just have to have faith and trust me.

With that being said, some of my friends and family have already rang in the New Year on the east coast. I love you guys, happy New Year, and to those who are going to burn the midnight oil, be safe, enjoy whoever you might be with. As I work on this blog and figure things out, you’ll be hearing more from me, and there will be far more to hear in the 2017.

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