Shooting Stars Lost

There was so much going on this year, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put as my opinion on the culling of celebrity deaths and events of the year.  So, I’ve been contemplating the words that I wanted to say, and bring forth genuine emotions and the perfect words for those we’ve lost.  While I haven’t found the perfect words, I think that I have some words on the subject.

For as many of our heroes died this year, there truly are only two that got me. When Prince Rogers Nelson died, that was the first real shock for me, I remember that the Batman soundtrack was the first Prince album that I ever owned, and I would play it constantly throughout my youth, that and Micheal Jackson’s Thriller.  I never expected Prince to go.  I think that I wasn’t as shocked at the news, when my dad told me about Micheal Jackson dying, but Prince caught me off guard.  I happened to be picking the kids up for our vacation that day, so I won’t forget that day.  Prince was a class act that didn’t stir up controversial issues to much and his range was something to be inspired.  He will be missed for his genius.

Now, on too the most recent and a big blow to the geek community at large, Carrie Fisher. Mark Hamill said it best, “she was our princess,” and I personally couldn’t agree more.  My first pet was named Princess, and Star Wars has been a huge part of my life, ever since I could remember. She not only was beautiful, but Leia proved that the damsel in distress can be a kick ass warrior when needed.  While in her personal life, she suffered from mental illness and addiction, the world will be lesser with her gone. Carrie also suffered from the shadow of Princess Leia, and I imagine that it was tough to peak out with the character of a life time, at such a young age. Carrie, you are now one with the force, and let your inspiration continue on as a legacy to the person that you were.

Now, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel, my friends, we did survive another year. Most of us still have our health, and have gone through a level of personal growth. My drive has personally helped me to endure things that I never thought that I would get through, and I’ve learned an abundance about who I am as a person. While we lost some of our personal heroes presence on this earth, I’m sure that would want us to continue to use their influences to keep doing the good that we strive to do. While we’ve lost the people who inspired us, their works are going to continue to live on so that we can reflect on what the inspiration was that drew us too them.


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