Welcome to a new day(A Retrospect)

I’m Chris Keeling and this is my first web page for my dreams to become a reality.  Come on and join me as you can watch me grow and develop the talents that I have and the skills that I’ll continue to gain.

Review: It’s strange for me to visit my old blogs. I find  that they take me back to where I was at the time, and how much I’ve grown since day one of starting out blogging.

I remember using WordPress for a class in web design, and that I was going to continue to use it as a way to blog and deal with my mental health issues. Thoughts of sharing my story to help others, was always the main goal I had. I had lost a few people to suicide with their depression, and I felt that this was my way to “lend a helping hand”.

It also helped that I decided to blog, as a way of developing my writing skills, and to keep it true to who I was as a person. I can’t even begin to say that I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into, or the places this would take me.

Yet here I was, wanting to grow as a person, wanting to develop some talents that I knew I had hidden somewhere, and I wanted to get out. This was the first step to getting, “my dreams to become a reality.” I struggled with getting the ideas out, what was I going to blog about, on what day? Was it going to be clear and concise? I wasn’t using the tags, and sharing features quite yet, that would come later.

This ended up being the most important therapy I even invested in. I’m not ashamed of the things I’ve put down, and I think the amount of venerability I’ve put out has helped me get more in touch with my own emotions. I’ve gotten a few followers along the way and they’ve let me know that they have appreciated the words I’ve written.

I also have grown outside of the blogging, and have grown to doing so many other things. Part of me wants to say that it was the blogging, but part of me thinks that this was just the gateway to get into my thoughts, and produce more content on other platforms. This has allowed me to become a better writer, and I really notice it in my script writing as well.

To think that this was the start of something new for me, and to see where it has gone. This is the director and almost four-years after I started this, I’m not going to stop, and this is a wrap on April 8, 2019. Until the next we go over this post again.

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